Can I use MINDGUIDE as an App?

You can use MINDGUIDE on your mobile phone as well as your desktop or laptop computer. You can even save the MINDGUIDE website as an icon on your mobile phone so that it looks just like an app. All you need to do is to open www.mindguide.co.uk on your mobile browser and then click on 'Add to Home Screen'. This will install an icon onto your main screen so that you can access easily.


What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about being aware of our present moment experience. It is a particular type of attention that means that we are intentionally present with awareness with whatever is happening in the moment. Mindfulness practice is about developing a skill that can enable us to live with more engagement in the present, and to view our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations and environment with more spaciousness, acceptance and without judgement.


How will mindfulness help me?

Mindfulness practice can help people cope with stress, change and uncertainty, and can improve your ability to respond mindfully, rather than react without awareness. With practice, we end up spending less time thinking about the past, and less time imagining the future, which means more time living in the present moment. This can then lead to more confidence, calm and emotional intelligence in our lives.


What is the MINDGUIDE approach?

For just £1.79 a month or £9.70 for a years access, you can access all of our mindfulness practices. Our vision is firstly teaching you how attention works, and then how you can master it. With mindfulness practice you can really learn how your attention works. The real trick to learn is when things need your attention, and when they don’t. So when something in your mind calls for your attention such as a worry or fear, you can almost have an internal dialogue where you notice the worry pop into your present moment awareness, and you ask “does this need my attention?” There’s real wisdom in knowing the answer to that question in the moment. Or maybe you have chronic pain, and your pain is calling for your attention, we can learn how much attention that pain needs. The more we learn how to direct and use our attention, the more freedom we have.


Is it really that simple, just one practice for all?

Because our brain is shaped by our activity, if we train it to focus on the breath or the body, we exercise the part of the mind that is responsible for paying attention. But this realises all the other benefits too. So yes, just follow the guidance and it will release the many and varied benefits.


Can I learn mindfulness with MINDGUIDE face to face?

Yes, if you are in the Dorset area we run regular courses. See our partner website: www.poolemindfulness.co.uk